s​/​t EP

by Mayak

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cut the ropes, let it loose. cause i know old wounds will heal. find myself another way. keep hunting for new hearts. life burns my regrets as i keep moving on. lost lives, lost friends, lost loves, forever buried in memories. cut the ropes. let it loose. everyday awake (we rise and fall). making friends and foes (we are the lost ones). rely on the good times (cut the ropes)and kill everything left. find myself times of grace. these ghosts we have, alive and sound.
some days same old struggle gets me down. say it’s hard to keep my head up high. day after day i'm pushing forward, pushing forward to the edge. i may get dragged, i may get lost sometimes, but it’s all just transitory. build me up, watch me fall, face the storm day by day. build me up, watch me fall, another day will rise. sometimes this life will drag you down but you should always keep in mind -another day will rise. when misery rules your every day, let these words set you fucking straight - another day will rise. save your pity for another coward, i’ll make my luck on my own. i take nothing for fucking granted and live everyday like it’s my last one.
every year at easter i see you on the screen, talking the same old shit not knowing what it means. so fuck yourself. fuck what you said. you might be walking but to me you are dead. i despise your betrayel on humanity. you sit in golden thrones and praise religious liberty. does your god really approves aids and poverty? i despise your betrayel on humanity. i hope you get nailed to the cross and bleed to death.
as i fly through my fading space, i hear a whisper within my mind. it tells me stories of forgotten days, it brings me back on buried ways. so long fallen from grace because i was trapped in this hell. now i’m burning all the gold holding me back in my shell. i feel the sun on my face burning down my demon skin and bring devastation. lost in conformity. into oblivion. i smell the dawn of a new day taking me back to where i belong. forget what’s left behind. focus on design a new sight. i’m loosing gravity while the voices become clearer. i’m floating through my thoughts. hopes of getting out alive. extinct. obey. conform. i let destruction reign. all i love i leave behind and keep falling away. come let destruction reign. all i love i leave behind and accept defeat.


released December 13, 2012


all rights reserved



Mayak Bielefeld, Germany

Some kind of sludgy black metalpunkblabla

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