Allegiance To None

by Mayak

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they all die. breathe in breathe out. dust and smoke. i pave my way. with skulls and bones. hatred and fear. quenching the thurst. spill the blood. guts will burst. there is nothing left but sin. unleash my wrath. embracing darkness from within. harbinger of chaos. stomp everything away. take care for nothing and noone. prepare for war. eternal doom. noone to trust. pure murderlust. light the pyre. die in fire. sacrifice is to be made. teaching pain in the name of hate.
i let my hopes down. let the abyss take me. screaming arrows tear through my soul. i’m letting shadows grow these parasites sowed under my skin. infect my mind. infect my heart. lead me to sin. lying dead in the fire. find mental cleansing. no salvation. no absolution. just clarity and. easing. dead in the fire. return to dust. extinguish the fire that mourns the past times. cauterize flesh from bones. disarm myself and move to the front lines. love’s forsaken. broken homes. this is the end. all stories have been told.
Jagdgründe 03:16
you seek forgiveness. but i won’t have forgiveness for you my dear. your smell sends shivers down my spine. forgiveness is denied cause your flesh will be mine. you're pulling all the right strings. run. you can hide in the forest. you can run to the hills. you can hide, you can run. but you’ll never escape. no you’ll never escape. the chase is on through rain and snow. there is nowhere to go. my addiction’s fed by every move you make. i take the lifes just for the killings sake. keep on running till your feet bleed. keep on screaming till your lungs come out. i will hunt you down.
S.M.Ø.D. 05:28
tentacles arise from the depths of the morass. wrapping around you. making you choke. letting your head explode. said a father to his spawn: “take care! won’t you go too far! legends ‘bout creepy creatures of the swamp may be true!” s.m.ø.d. behind the foggy clouds. down the moor. a dark force lurks under the surface. behind the foggy clouds. down the moor. swamp monsters will rise to kill you. the muddy green. they come to kill. swamp monsters øf death. killing babys, smoking meth. they muddy green they come till kill you. they rise to kill. desperate tries to escape. desperate cries. it’s far too late. while your eyes are red of blood. your lungs get filled with mud. s.m.ø.d.
set me free. you’re the ocean in my head. fade away inside you. satisfied. nearly dead. embrace me. i’m getting lost in this dream. once again i’m passing the clouds quietly. and as the shame grows my dreams go to die. is this the living in life? the sky turns grey again. you, the goddess, set me free. tries to step out of the circle. regrets. failure. salvation never comes. oh sweet mother numb my pain and release me from suffering. through all the endless days and restless nights trying to ignore the everlasting affection. through all the nights without sleep. hiding myself. counting sheep. i hoped to die. as the shame grows my dreams got to die. is this what it takes to reclaim my life step by step? getting out alive…
self-trapped in a shell. moving through bitterness. drawing a line between me and the ones who live on the outside, who follow what is written down in random bastards artful books. anywhere i roam. i do it on my own. it’s too late for an early grave. nothing to do to get saved. we come from nowhere. that’s where we go. stop running your fucking mouth. stop labeling who you are. cause you are nothing but rotting flesh. one spell for the fall of man and all their false ideals. i am the shepherd. i am the sheep. i pledge allegiance to none in here. i pledge allegiance to no one. we are nothing but rotting flesh.
life, consume us all. leave the void of eternal greed. disconnect myself and fall asleep. somewhere between all the words i said i still see your hands reaching out for me. now i find myself digging holes in frozen seas to see what lies beneath. i’m crashing. i’m sinking deeper down to the bottom of my own existence. let me go. i’m sinking deeper into the frozen blue. and on it’s bottom i’ll find my truth. i’ll find you. reignite what used to be ceased. educated my own enemies. nothing to care for, nothing to crave. down in the depths is where i am safe. let me down to my grave. in the depths i am safe. and when we all fade away will it be me being missed? it’s like i’m homesick for a place that doesn’t exist.


Recorded and mixed by Rouven Bienert at AJZ Bielefeld Studios. Mastered by Role at Die Tonmeisterei. All music and lyrics by MAYAK.


released October 20, 2014


all rights reserved



Mayak Bielefeld, Germany

Some kind of sludgy black metalpunkblabla

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